Please note that all registrations must be payed via PayPal! Updated 10-18-2014!


Q: How do I register my dog?

1. All applications should be downloaded and filled out completely and mailed in (See all forms and instructions below).

2. We will contact you by email to confirm all documents were received.

3. Make your payment on our website via paypal.

4.The EBA will only register Exotic Bullies. We will determine your bully to be Exotic upon registration!

Q: How Do I register my litter? A: Both sire and dam must be EBA registered in order to register your litter.(This includes stud breedings, no exceptions!).

Q: What payment methods will be accepted with the EBA? A: EBA only accepts credit/debit card secure payments via PayPal for US Residents and International residents.

Q: What dog registries does the EBA accept? A: The EBA  accepts UKC and ABKC.

AKC, FCI,TCI & ABKC,  for Bulldogs.

Steps for registering your dog:

  1. Download the form you need
  2. Fill out form completely
  3. Copy front and inside of your pedigree certificate (3 generations) for verification of lineage and ownership.
  4. A front and side view picture of the dog must accompany your pedigree.(Computer copies are acceptable)
  5. EBA only accepts credit/debit card secure payments via PayPal. Processing time once EBA receives the paper work is 6 weeks which does not include mailing time. For a quicker processing time you can purchase the rush fee for a 3 day turnaround - We DO NOT accept faxes for registration due to legibility – DO NOT send in original paper work – Make sure the registration form is fully completed with legible writing – Do not send in blurry or small images copies of the work. (Please make sure to mail your forms to the address exactly as it is listed below)
  6. Any and all applications that are not sent with all documentation and fully completed as stated above will not be processed and will be returned to sender!


Exotic Bully Association

 PO BOX 296

 Grayson, GA 30017 


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Single Registration International

Litter Registration Domestic

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